Amkor Electronics - Chandler, AZ
  • Provided project management for multi-million dollar strategic project to select and implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Provided technical expertise for requirements analysis, competitive bid development, and evaluation of SAP R/3, Oracle Applications and Baan Triton IV ERP software systems. Also assisted implementation planning for design and implementation phases of enterprise-wide SAP solution in U.S., Philippines and Korean offices and factories -- planned development of business case, executive management presentation, project budget, work programs, implementation timeline and team resource planning
Litton Guidance & Controls
  • Determined reuse & commonality criteria and established shared software for two separate helicopter avionics projects. Also implemented an Arinc 429 driver for one of the projects using Rational Apex Ada 95 targeted for PowerPc.


  • Performed system tradeoff and preliminary design for a forty-plus CPU on-board radar (SAR) processing system for the reconnaissance version of the F16..

Interstate Electronics

  • Established subsystem (module architecture) structure and multi-platform board support for GPS aircraft navigation system to improve reuse and maintainability. Also performed tasking optimization and real-time schedulability analysis on this GPS system in order to timing deadlines.

Monitoring Systems Inc.

  • Completed system integration on two versions of a 75 KSLOC real-time pollution monitoring system for power generation stations. System is Verdix and Alsys - based Ada targeted for both SCO/UNIX and MS DOS INTEL CPU’s.

Usersystems Inc.

  • Project review and analysis of supplier options for an animated, commercial weather reporting system based on real-time data from spaceborne sensors.


  • Designed and implemented Ada target detection and recognition programs for a multi-processor smart munitions project. Processing used IR and radar sensor data and required re-engineering from C prototype algorithms and development of new classification criteria.


  • Helped write a specification for development of safety-critical software for inter-agency use in the Federal government. 

TRICOR Industries

  • Project Review of Distributed Information Management System for Worldwide Aircraft Operations.

Lear Astronics/BAE Systems

  • Project review of In-Flight Fuel Management System development for CFO


  • Developed and maintained the inter- and intra-processor communications processing for a high performance graphics display station. Redesigned communications to improve performance, maintainability and subsystem integrity. Performance-optimized the system with Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA) techniques by modifying tasking priorities and eliminating architectural inefficiencies.

International Teldata

  • Developed and installed city wide automatic utility meter reading systems located in telephone exchanges using time-shared standard telephone lines (awarded patents on this system). Also developed a load management data acquisition system which provided color graphic displays of electricity usage and instantaneous demand for a citywide municipal power generating control center

Xerox Data Systems - 1968-78

  • Was software project head of the flight test data acquisition system for the DC10. System used an early form of client/server networking under real-time. System was the pioneering commercial application of real-time telemetry for on-line analysis of a large scale system.

Hughes Aircraft - 1958-1967

  • Was auto-test programming supervisor for inertial navigation systems. This Hughes VATE auto-test system was one of the earliest, large-scale, automatic test systems.    

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